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Manuella Dalle

Filmaker and ceramist

Basée à Los Angeles











French artist Manuela Dalle graduated in political science and sociology, she works primarily in two media: film and ceramics. She lives in Los Angeles for 7 years.


Her work has been shown at venues including MOCA Los Angeles, Opéra National de Paris, Fondation Luma, the San Diego/Tijuana Twin Cities Year of Design, Toronto's Black Film Festival and Hauser and Wirth Gallery among others.


Apart from a few objects that she continually remakes to find their ideal form (bedside table and carafe), her work is essentially focused on the design of murals and bas-reliefs. In this work, she explores the notion of composition and the relationship/circulation between different elements which, once assembled, create a unity.


Inspired by Art Deco architecture, her mural creations are essentially based on building details and iconic motifs, like a cinematic zoom that provokes a change of scale. The shapes revealed are rendered organic and free by reinterpreting them freehand.


Manuela Dalle is currently working in the high-security prison of Los angeles, with resettlement organizations, and continues her collaboration with artist Kim Gordon, as well as her ongoing quest to link ceramics, dance and architecture.


She describes her work as choreographic, freely articulating dance elements, drawing on image and matter, with architectural rigor and organic interpretation, to invent new forms.

Manuella Dalle

  • Manuella, quel a été ton plus grand challenge ?

    Craft my last documentary on a high security prison.

    Décris-nous ton environnement, ce qui est important pour toi pour travailler dans de bonnes conditions ? 

    Brightness and serenity, surrounded by caring people.

    En 3 mots, quelles sont les plus grandes valeurs en lesquelles tu crois ?

    Honesty, kindness, positivity.

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